Kwabena D Mathis


Kwabena D Mathis is a fervent visionary and optimist for the community. He seeks to affect change and believes
 that education is the key to moving forward in the community. He is a founding partner of JMC Merchants LLC,
a healthy snack vending company as well as a published author. Kwabena has over 15 years of honorable
military service and an IT professional background in Cyber Security. He is a straight forward and candid individual
who loves a challenge and is no stranger to hard work. As a mission oriented person, he believes in investing
in our future and building a legacy for our children. Kwabena’s key principles are: Ownership is the key to building wealth;
Group ownership is the key to gaining and building influence. He is a strong supporter of communities becoming
self-sustainable with the mindset of Each One, Teach One and wishes to educate others on that same concept.
Kwabena believes that the only limits you have are the ones you set for yourself.

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