Theme: Step into African Royalty

As part of the vision of creating more awareness and showcasing the true authenticity of the African culture, Abena Aforo Events was created. Abena Aforo Events is a platform on which the uniqueness and richness of the African culture is shown through fashion, hair and food.

FEBRUARY to REMEMBER Fashion Show by Abena Aforo Events is an annual educative, creative, fun and a social networking event which enforces the vision of Abena Aforo. This years FEBRUARY to REMEMBER Fashion Show is themed “Step into African Royalty”. Each year, the theme will change to mark a significant goal Abena Aforo sets in fulfillment of part of the long term vision for the brand.

The theme “Step into African Royalty” is to emphasize the importance for Africans in diaspora and African Americans to relish in our true authentic African culture and to embrace each other us sisters and brothers from a beautiful ancestral lineage. Also, Abena Aforo Events will be sponsoring the trip of one lucky audience to Ghana where it all started and to help bridge the gap between Africans and African Americans.

Abena Aforo presents….

FEBRUARY to REMEMBER Fashion Show 2020.

Theme: Step into African Royalty

Come and experience an evening of rich authentic African fashion, beauty, music, dance and food.

There will also be retail and food vendors available at the event.

Ticket to the event qualifies you to a live raffle at the show and the ticket winner will have an all expenses paid ( Airline ticket + accommodation + food) trip to Ghana West Africa.

There will also be other great prices for the 2nd and 3rd winners.

Click here for more information on the event raffle.

This is an annual event to commemorate Black History Month.

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2 thoughts on “FEBRUARY to REMEMBER Fashion Show

  1. Hello I’m writing to request (2) media passes for the February to Remember event. I’m a freelance photographer that wishes to capture shots of your line. All photos will be placed on flash drive and given to you to use at your leisure. The names for the (2) passes are as follows: Brian Savage (photog)
    Nykia Snuggs(assistant)
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your interest in having a media presence at the February to Remember Event.

      We will email you the media contract and in addition you would also need to provide a head shot of two personals and their full names and title.

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